रविवार, 26 अप्रैल 2009


The garden is so beautiful with
blushing blooms that scent the air;
Yet, since my mate is not with me
it seems a desert burning bare.

Both joy and sorrow are like birds
that go about in every weather.
Both light and shadow, love n seperation
always go together.

You told me in Love's garden, you
would sing and gambol with me only,
But now your vow to me, somehow,
Is broken, you have left me lonely.

I wept n wept and had not slept,
Each night I waited for the morrow-
Were you so deaf that all this while
You could not hear my voice of sorrow?

Can we forget our childhood's debt
To blossoming boughs that swayed above
When you and I beneath one sky
were nourished on rare songs of Love.

Your golden form, so cool so warm
Casts magic shadows as you pass.
I watch you come, I watch you go
As though inside a mirrored glass.

Each happy day is like a flower,
Each mournful day is like a thorn;
To share each other's joys and woes
surely,Beloved! We're born.

Who faces storms with courage
He who enters bravely in the strife;
Yea! He alone can call his own
the final victory of Life.

Our Human Life is colourful
Resembling colourful butterflies
We wold have seen several hues
Within our hearts if we had eyes.

The fruit is ripe on boughs
My hope is yet unripe n sighs in sorrow.
But then I hope my hope will blush to ripe-
if not today, tomorrow!

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