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26 Jan, 2012

Today is a remarkable day in my life. I never thought that I will meet an eminent authority of Indian art, Jagdish Mittal ji.  When I came to know that our Head Of The Dept. Pro.Rishabha Deo Sharma is going to meet Jagdish Mittal I requested him whether I can also accompany him to meet Mittal ji as it is a grate pleasure to meet such an eminent personality in one’s lifetime. Today after Republic Day celebrations we went to meet Mittal ji at his residence. My Better Half Krishna Rao also accompanied us. We reached almost by 11.30. Mittal ji was waiting for us. He gave a warm welcome. His simplicity touched my heart

From childhood onwards whenever I heard about eminent personalities I used to dream how they look like. I often thought that they will not like to talk to ordinary persons as they may feel that it is against their prestige. Even about Mittal ji I dreamt something like that. But I was extremely wrong. I observed his simplicity, his smiling face and a passion towards the art in his glazing eyes. When he was talking about the paintings and photography there was a unique lust in his eyes. At that time he was just like a kid who wants to get everything what he wants. His passion towards the painting is like a never ending story.

Actually Sharma sir needed some information about Indian Paintings. Especially about Ramayana in Indian Painting. Mittal sir has already kept the information ready. And also he showed some books relating to the topics. He showed his book entitled “Andhra Paintings Of The Ramayana”( Jagdish Mittal/ Andhra Pradesh Lalit Kala Akademi, hyd. 1969 (first  ed)).  I was overwhelmed to see it.

Jagdish Mittal was born in Uttar Pradesh in 1927.  He studied fine arts at Shantiniketan and was the art editor of Kalpana, a leading Hindi Monthly, for 22 years. From 1950 onwards he settled in Hyderabad. He and his wife smt.Kamala Mittal are passionate collectors of Indian miniatures, folk arts, bronze sculptures, decorative and other arts. In March 1976 they founded “Jagdish and Kamal Mittal Museum Of Indian Art.” Several objects of their collection were displayed at the prestigious Festival Of Indian Exhibitions held in London (1982), USA (1985) and France (1986) et al. He was instrumental in establishing the International Trust For Art And Cultural Heritage). For implementing his dreams he seeked the help from the Govt. of India. The Govt. gave the permission for the trust to establish a museum for about 30 years. Mittal ji is worried thinking about the next 30 years of span after the establishment of the museum. So now he is thinking to establish a museum of his dreams in his own residence located at the heart of the city i.e. Gagan Mahal Road, Hyderabad.

Jagdish Mittal is a renowned artist and has written many everlasting books and also delivered lectures at several foreign museums and universities.

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चंद्रमौलेश्वर प्रसाद ने कहा…

Padmasri Jagdish Mittal ji is embodiment of humility and is ready to help anyone who seeks his guidance. We were fortunate to have interacted with him in several of our literary meetings which he would unhesitatingly attend. Nice recap of his lifestory. Thanks Niraja ji.