रविवार, 28 जून 2009


The trees of meadowsweet dozed motionless

under the windless sky.

From their branches, petals of the blossoms

kept floating downwards,sad and delicate

As if borne by the Sorrow of Evanescesce.

The air is so warm and heavy

with the fragrance of blossoms and the smell of the soil

That some sort of anxiety

smouldered in me.

The blue expanse of the sky stretched overhead

with long white sail's floating on.

Quivering patches of sunlight fell on the grass

like a golden shower shimmering on.

Chirping of the little birds,

steaming of the soil,

Filled my heart with strange

exquisite thoughts and pain.

The Sun's blood-shut eye glared overhead

a warm breath rose from the Earth.

A shimmering haze filled the whole sky

and your ardent memories stringed my breath.

In your memories I felt a surge of joy

at everything I saw and heard.

The air seemed to be like honey

and the Earth like sleeping child.

Do you know my heart throbbed with pain

Day after day,week after week,

Though thy sweet love had drawn across my wounded heart

a memorable honey- streak .

On a sultry summer night

I lay dreaming and talking in my sleep

stroking thy heart with your memories

and gasping for the breath.

Like a molted tent Heavens formed a vault

covered with stroking white clouds above my head.

The flickering Stars were borne like candles thru out

from horizon to horizon filling thirst in my blood.

I lay motionless for a long time

gazing at the Silver sieve of the Stars

And listening to the swash of the water

with your amiable lingering in my heart.

When fully awake _

I sat in astonishment with confused thoughts

My heart pounded and beat wildly with fear

B'coz of inpenetrable darkness and unfanthomable silence.

Oh ! no, your memory began to fade

your voice and your face became misty.

It was only in my darkness that I saw you more distinctly.

If you would meet me once _

for sheer of joy ,I could laugh and weep with you.

My first impulse is to flee un to you

and to lean my back against you.

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