रविवार, 15 नवंबर 2009

My Strange Thoughts

My blood tingled
and my heart ached
with a strange, exquiste pain.

I was in constant expectation and
fear of something, marvelling at everything,
ready for anything.

My imagination played and hovered
around the same set of ideas all the time,
Like swifts hovering over
a Belfry at Dawn.

I loved walking at dawn
watching the graceful bambles
growing all around
dropping dew drops to the ground.

The river running to the sea
conjured my strange thoughts,
And its song filled my Heart
with strange foreboding;

The sound of the waves
striking the boulders
lingered in my ears.

I fell into reveries, grew melancholy,
sometimes even shed tears;
But, through all these tears and
sudden fits of sadness...

... The sound of the waves
striking the boulders
lingered in my ears.

Whether occasioned by some melodious line, or
by the beauty of the evening,
The joyous sensation of youthful life,
turbulent and seething,
Made itself felt, like the grass sending up its blades
through the Earth in the Spring.

Yellow blossoms hung high from the lower branches
of the tree in small lifeless clusters
with every branch is sweet scent
forced its way deep into my lungs.

The distance beyond the river,
to the very horizon
was all shimmering and glowing.

An occasional puff of wind
would break up the shimmer,
Making it all the more intense
a radiant haze billowed above the Earth.

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शरद कोकास ने कहा…

this is all about nature ..but we use this term in two way ..nature we admire that and our nature which helps us to understand its blessings . I like this poem >