रविवार, 10 मई 2009


O Butterfly who flutter by thru glade
And glen and dale and grove!
I long to see the whole world with you;
With you I long to roam and rove!
Together we have winged the woods
Day after day,week after week,
Across your heart so one with mine
Sweet love hath drawn a honey-streak.
Enchantress! Wither! are you bound,
Towards what villagers stained with light,
Leaving behind a glimmering trail
Of tremendous colors in your flight.
You are a damsel of the spring,
To gaudy gardens you belong:
Both buds and rays keep chanting
Praise of you in never-ceasing song!
Frail dreams of wings ! your beauty brings
Warm news to woods of hues and scents:
You,wrought of filigree, have brought
For Earth what delicate ornaments?
Buds open into petals which
Resemble Butterflies, and sing:
'O when you come,with hue and hum,
Will come the season of the Spring!
Above all shades,that dazzle glades
And glens and painted woods,above
The shades of color reigns the warm
Deep color of the heart in love.
What artist's hand has dipped his brush of rays
And drawn the hues of flowers
To paint your restless wings in flight
A fluttering in painted bowers.
Your body,rich beyond compare,
Seems carven of what shimmering air
For hours and hours ,wooing flowers
You roam from there to here to there.
Laden with tints and glints, you seem
A Princess rich in the extreme.
You are a wonderful dream;
Dream within a dream!

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