मंगलवार, 19 मई 2009


Upon this river bank I sat
And you were on the other side.
But you came flying straight to me
B'coz I cried and cried and cried.

Is not wrong you had so long
Forgotten me ? But now you say
That you remembered me , who lay
A graveyard while you were away.

They say both bird and travaller,
Being fickle , never come to stay
Is it to prove this proverb , you,
Love of me ! have gone away ?

Your absence on my garden cast
The lingering shadow of a curse ,
Tell me , my love ! while you were far
away , with whom could I converse ?

The flowers that you touch and go ,
They are bound while you are free ,
The angels clap to watch you flap
Your painted wings from Tree to Treee.

Gambol with all the hues of life
And leave no room to pick and choose ,
Come ! let us gather in our lap
Its galaxy of magic hues.

Young buds enquire : do you tire
Of wandering with wings unfurled ?
They do not know your kingdom
Lives in every garden of the world.

You came adorned in Rainbow hues
On Rainbow splendour you are fed :
Violet , Indigo and Blue ;
And Green , and Yellow , Orange , Red.

1 टिप्पणी:

Vijay Kumar Sappatti ने कहा…

this poem is really flowing like a river and has a great haunting echos.....

itni acchi rachna ke liye badhai ..............

meri nayi poem padhiyenga ...